Andy Brinkley, a native of Virginia, has been working in metals for over three decades. Initially a blacksmith, Andy began to utilize various metals and has specialized in brass and copper for the past 30 years. He started working out of a small basement shop and today the studio is on a rural woodland nestled in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina.

Whether tending to his gardens or sculpting at his bench, Andy’s love and appreciation of nature is evident. Forest and marsh foliage are central themes of much of Andy’s work.

Corporate clients have included McDonald’s, Dupont, Wachovia, Georgia Pacific Paper Company, Boone Dermatology and the North Carolina Western Govenor’s Mansion, among others. The studio's work is represented in several mail-order catalogs and may be seen in craft galleries and garden shops across the country.

When not at his bench or in his garden, Andy may be found at the controls of his antique Luscombe aircraft. If he’s not taking a “bird’s eye view” of things, then he’s enjoying bird watching around the studio.

With master craftsman Mark Shrum and wife Suzanne Shrum, the studio operates Monday through Thursday or by appointment. Andy welcomes visitors to stop in and take a tour when they’re in the area.