Mark D. Shrum,

Master Craftsman

Mark D. Shrum I’ve been a part of the studio since 1994.  Metal work has always fascinated me.  I attended Gaston College for two years in the field of Metals Technology.  Andy and I were introduced by a mutual friend.  He was searching for an apprentice.

Our love of nature and creative spirits connected, and so the relationship began.  There is much camaraderie among the three of us, and we work well together.  The work is very rewarding.  I enjoy all of the processes of making the sculpture and seeing the finished pieces.  The smiles on our customers' faces make all the time it takes worthwhile.

Suzanne S. Shrum

I was introduced to Andy in 1994 when my husband Mark began working with him. Andy is extremely creative, and a great person to work with.  He and I share a common interest in gardening and a love for nature.

Over the past 27 years I have assisted Mark at many retail and wholesale art shows.  Since 2009 I have been the studio manager, among other titles!  So if you ever need to get in contact with us, I will be glad to be of assistance.

Yates A. Richard, Jr.

Yates A. Richard, Jr.Being a metal smith and the creativity that goes along with it is something I enjoy. It is a unique and rewarding trade.  We have a great time working together at the studio.  Humor is always a part of our day.  In 1996, while I was still in high school and taking a welding and fabricating course, I came to work for Andy.  25 years later, I still enjoy getting up and coming to work.  Now I am married to my wife Tiffany and the father of two wonderful boys.  As long as I have known everyone at the studio we are like family too!